Loosening the sap strings, he let fly the shard bow sprites. The spores of a million mosslings struck light and made way. Leaping through the branches, he pursued the fury, the roar or the fire spreading throughout the land, from the beast’s chiseled scales, and eyes metal, molten with these links.

Gliulian – Far off worlds, castle kingdoms and mountaintop fortresses are just a few things you’ll see in these delicious concepts, illustrations and process shots.

Anatomy – Anatomy Masterclass has a whole series of free video lessons on anatomy from proportions and skulls to faces and features.

Obras – The oddly colorful and supremely bumpy textile wall art of Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia. Could look at it for hours.

Digital/Physical – Imagine manipulating your environment with digital sculpts created to match perfectly. Greg Petchkovsky shows how he does it.

The Great Trail – Up for a hike? Canada’s Great Trail is the nearly 13,000 mile trail that goes through 13 provinces and territories. Explore the map and pick your stops here.

Earth Rotating – This is a timelapse of the earth, but with the stary sky fixed, showing the rotation of our wee planet. The timelapse from the ISS is even cooler.

Flexbox – Wondering about web design trends? You’ll want to learn about the Flexbox CSS property. This breakdown reveals all, with more resources to get you up to speed.

Apple Plugs – Upgrade to the iPhone 7 early with this headphone jack plug that plugs the headphone jack. From the amazing people at Nicer.

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Try Me Out Sometime – Surfy riffs with that old school twist, Broncho rocks the store and street on one of their tracks from Can’t Get Past the Lips.

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