I looked in its eyes. It looked in mine. “Drop it like it is hot. Drop, drop it like it is hot,” it repeated in a desiccated, mechanical voice. It’s at this point I usually reminisce of the old days, when mechnoids lacked the access to early aught R&B chart topper lyrics. Still, it made you wonder–how do they ‘drop it’ so low? Could it be these links?

Jaime Jasso – You’ve seen his work in Avatar, Transformers 3, Rango and more. Expansive matte paintings of cities, ships, landscapes an oh, so much more.
Liquid Jewels – Fabian Oefner takes painted balloons and captures what happens just after they are popped. A simply beautiful mix of exploding colors.
Spherical cake tutorial – You’ve always wanted one. Now is the time to celebrate with a spherical cake. Yes, each layer is a different kind of cake.
Paper coin wrappers – Remember these? I recall bags of these multi-colored packing papers and spending hours filling them with coins.
Sci-fi covers – As in vintage sci-fi covers, with a load of others in the comments. Like a trip to the sci-fi section at Half-priced Books.
Initium – There are only moments to spare. Pilot John Carson rushes to stop the catastrophe from getting worse. Only a time bubble and the ones who have gone before stand in his way.


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