Combed hand and hair, the scent was unmistakably everywhere. A sound rose, and on tips, my toes. What was that crooked grin? A blanket of marmosets, scattering about and a leash attached to each. Holding the lead, the neck wrecker reached and gnawed upon these links.

Mike Hill – Plenty of ships and scenes with detail that you just want to look at for hours, or at least a few minutes more.

Plug – It’s been a long time coming. Teaser 2 for the short from Vyle Art. Catch the latest on here.

Moutaineers – Photos by Robert Bösch with hundreds of climbers to capture some quite epic shots in the Alps.

Turndownforwhat – Exactly what you’ve wanted. Turn any website down for what.

Wire Tree Sculpts – There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a natural wire tree sculpture by Clive Maddison.

Drone Race – Drone racing in the woods with a quadcopter racing fanatic association. Much cooler use for drones, don’t ya think?

Tip for Tat – A penny saved is a penny earned, or you have to spend money to make money. And many more, illustrated.

Robot Heart – Kawehi throws it down with a She Wolf/Mario Bros/Booty maaaaaaash-up.


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