When tall, shank-steamed colanders spilled the oily residue through mossy, tangled sieves, the arms reached from outside as the last vestige of light split the sights of a glow and an eye that twitched to reveal these links.

Eric Felten – Ships and spaceports of course, but also corridors, landing pads and desktops that delivers cool interfaces and crisp perspective.
Best Standing Desk – What’s the best standing desk? You can make your own really cheap. This looks at the higher quality, more automated options. Thanks Lynn!
Grab-n-go binder – What do you grab if you have to get out of dodge fast? This binder is one item, with all the info you need when SHTF.
Tiny lands – Kim Keever creates miniature underwater worlds, photographs them and sells the surreal landscapes in the beautiful prints. via Make.
Mighty No. 9 – Keiji Inafune, of Mega Man fame… I know, that’s all you need to know. Go help fund this game and the incredible game dev group now.
Relics – Simple photos of items from our past, be it a typewriter, a gumball machine or bottle against the backdrop of an old wall.
‘Entertainment’ – Phoenix filmed by La Blogotheque for their Take Away Shows, recorded live in one continuous shot with a drone.


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