Grass grew long between the entrails of the building’s walls torn by the blasts and jumpjets from a millennia past. Many went there for the quiet. Others to salvage any metal remains of the defenders. We hadn’t seen any since, but once in a while the ground would quake and you’d try to convince yourself a machine would reveal itself over the horizon. That never did happen. Well, not until we unburied the box holding these links.

Col Price – Oh, what wonderful mechanical things to see. Ships, mechs and more ships. Huge scenes that delight the imagination and keep you begging for more.

Create a Line Art Coloring Book – Kev Crossley takes you through his highly interesting process for creating beautiful line art, that can be used to create a coloring book.

Bttn.css – A library of buttons and their CSS for when you need a button for your website. Loads way faster than an image of a button and offers more flexibility in the web design.

Toontastic – Google app for kids to help them easily design and create movies.  Who know what would have happened if we all had this when we were kids.

Photo Hotspots – Personally, I like to find spots to photos that are not popular, but this map shows you where people around the world are taking photos.

Asmrion – An ASMR builder that will get you in a total state of relaxation during those grueling days at work.

Inner Trip – How does an artist create a diorama of a broken down, decaying VW bus? Like this. Hernandez Dreamphography shows you how it all comes together.

Radiooooo – Amazing. Pick a country and a decade to listen to different music from around the world over the last century and a half.

Lightning Cable 3 pack – Awesome deal on a 3-pack of extra long iPhone MFi-certified Lightining Cables.

3-in-1 Power Pen – Love this! A pen, a stylus and a power bank for Android or iPhone, all in one

More Colors – New video production from Kidwaste, featuring Chelsea Cutler, of a new song on the “Spleen EP” out on Ultra Music.

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