Pins under the skin of the Metal Jibbler’s jaw scrapped its veins of conduit and carbon fiber. Five tons of its legs pushed through the trees and against the edge of our turrets on each side. We’d have to get the powder charges in five of the nine joints and use the complete heat-syncing capability of these links to do it.

David Tilton – Love the playfullness of David’s work, especially the colorful mechs. A small collection but awesome stuff from this Austin-based Concept Artist.

Pseudo Design Titles – Need a new job title? How about “Uncompromising Bandit for Unorthodox Design”? Your new role awaits.

Stranger Things 3 – Trailer to the third installment of your memories from the 1980s plus a massive new monster.

LEGO – Instagram follow of the week. Great source of inspiration and they @mention the creators where you will find even more.

Pass The Salt – How long does it take someone to pass the salt? Joesph’s Machines Rube Goldberg shows you.

Pool Trick Shots – And then there are these done with dominoes and pool balls.

Love Letter – In 1952, professor Christopher Strachey programmed the Manchester University Computer to string together romantic words. You can do the same here.

Dubler – Make music? Want to? This amazing new midi controller that is itself controlled by your voice (or other sound) is a must.

Space Rover – Krix Temmerman set out to make a small car for his son. Well, that got out of control and he made a full-on Rover.

Chicken Nuts – Because it’s Robbie Mendez and, well, chicken is good.

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