When we pulled them from our pockets, sopping wet, ready to be hurled through the blades, we didn’t realize how many we needed. Then it happened. In one fell swoop, hundreds landed around us carrying thousands more milk balls, contained solely by the mesh-like energy of these links.

Wadim Kashin – Absolutely delicious impressionist style 2D illustrations with some succulent sci-fi scenes and loads of structure and ships.

Lving Vincent – The story of Van Gogh, told in his style by hundreds of artist creating each frame with oil paint on canvas.

The Senua – Real-time performance capture is here and a handful of game-dev tech teams from around the world are making it happen. Incredible.

Things Organized Neatly – Remember the website? They now have a book!

Thanks Adobe – Glitch art from those momentous occasions when computers are just not willing to work with you. Keep scrolling.

MuscleWiki – An interactive body chart to select the muscle group you want to work with animated gifs that show you the exercises to do.

Richie Jackson – He’s a blast from the past fashionably, but certainly breaks every modern mold when it comes to what tricks you can do with a skateboard.

100 Artists – In their studios.

Unfiltered.new – Interactive, worldwide news source site and the most interesting new way to find the topics being discussed.

Irish Rover – Since St. Patty’s Day was yesterday, and Happy Ol’ McWeasel is such a grand band.


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