Once you’re running full-bore with fists extended, there’s no decision left. You may think of stopping, you may even glance from the corner of your eye–this way, that way. But, no. You ARE going to penetrate that wall of orange Jello. You’ll do it, or face the wrath of these links.

Tan Zhi Hui – Love, love, love the sharp, skewed style and breakdowns of a huge range of characters that remind me of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but cooler.

Bear Mascot Fall – I… I can’t stop laughing. This guy can’t wait until the tapping of this is over, I’m sure of it. That last fall, BAH!

Google Earth Timelapse – Google has updated their Google Earth Timelapse series to show various places around the world spanning the years from 1984 to 2016. All viewable in Google’s Earth Engine.

LEGO Nerf Gun – Love it! A build from Astonishing Studios that is… well, astonishing. The construction is brilliant and makes use of some very simple mechanisms. Now to build an N-Strike MEGA.

2016 Best Movie Posters – Can’t really argue with any of these, although I think the Stranger Things poster should have been included. I guess it’s a TV series, but still.

100 MPH Car Slow-Mo – The Slow-Mo guys are at it again. This time with the fastest RC car available capable of going 100 MPH. The Traxxas XO-1.

Lick – One of my fav skateboarders/photographers/artists, Ed Templeton, has a new magazine out featuring photographs of people licking things. Lots of ice cream.

La La La – Ruslan Khasanov sets up sweet macro visuals of oil and water to Belle Folie’s The Word. Project here.


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