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Blasts of fur sent bits and stings rippling across our bony structure. They were no match for us. However, we didn’t expect what they had, lain and buried beneath the loose soil we tread upon unknowingly. The burn was intense, like biscuits soaked in the gravy of these links.

Teun van der Zalm – Nebulas. Made with a procedural algorithm based on Perlin Noise transformed to particles and manipulated with the noise algorithms. Beautiful.

Welcome – Isaac Cordal’s miniature scenes of everyday things and oddities using the natural setting and objects.

Super Mario Bros. Sketches – The sketches that started it all, made across three sheets of graph paper by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, the creators of Super Mario Bros.

Nautilus – The amazing golden ration art of architect of Raphael Araujo. He has a kickstarter campaign for a coloring book of his work as well.

Star Wars FA Stills – 140 HD still from the Force Awakens. Some spoilers.

Blacker than Black – You probably saw the original Vantablack. Now Surrey NanoSystems has developed a color even blacker than that.

Save the Cat – Would you play this VR game?

Anywhere – A really cool approach to creating 3D wall art using a variety of media, Gregory Euclide’s reliefs are a feast to look upon.

Molbashed – A normal guy, with a wife and a new baby trying to figure things out. The comic from Wes Molbash finally comes to book form.

Zaha Hadid – She past away this week, but here impact in world of architecture and beyond will not soon be forgotten. View some of the works she was a part of here.

In Bloom – Country recording artist Sturgill Simpson’s new video covering Nirvana’s hit song from Nevermind.

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