Blocks were stacked pyramidically across the barren landscape, dust wafting off the rusted surface. Their eastern edges moss-stained, both reaching and stayed by the sun, were the fence we peered past, checking for any opportunity to escape, to sneak away the soft, raw happy strands, extracted from these links.

Jessica Rossier – Ahhh. Some of the most relaxing imagery I’ve seen is a long time. Beautiful, intricate and capturing light just perfectly.

Low poly – This low poly background generator is great for creating some quick, colorful geometric backgrounds.

The Big Lebowskemoji – What if the Big Lebowski story was told using nothing but emoji icons? You are welcome.

More Emoji – Did you know there’s a Unicode emoji subcommittee? They’re adding more emoji in the monitor, which we imagine will make telling stories using emoji’s much easier.

KUNG FURY – Remember the trailer? The full-length movie just released. Watch all 31 minutes of it in glorious HD here.

Ikaros – A beautiful, free sans serif typeface from creator Matt Ellis. – Stream all your music, from any site/platform/app, on one player. Early sign up here.

My Shards – Let it load, then set it full screen and stare.

Top 10 60’s – The top 10 best 60’s dance party 45s as curated by Belle & Sebastian. Below is the first from Eddie Bo and the Soul Finders.


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