The bubbles rose in front of our faces, nearly lifting us off the plateau along with the wee furry beasts from whence the bubbles exploded out of their neck hairs, which we quickly learned were not hairs at all, but hydrogen absorbing tubulars generating power through the digestion of these links.

Tomas Honz – Beautiful environments, some digital, some traditional, and even throws on a mech on one. More please.

Face skins – Can Pekdemir has a focus on the deformation and reconstruction of bodies, and in this case faces, using 3d models and procedural textures.

Rockin 1000 – 1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy.

Fake update – Need to prank your coworkers computer? You’re welcome.

Tesla Inventions – The 1894 edition of The Inventions, Researches and Writing of Nikola Tesla.

Manolo Robles – Skateboarder Manolo Robles gives reason for new respect of the penny board skater.

Kaila Mullady – She can beatbox and she’s the 2015 Female Beatbox World Champion.

Motion Exposure – Photographer Stephen Orlando captures motion with lots of LED lights, no Photoshop, just the actual path of the lights.

Stir fry – When you want to make stir fry correctly, this is a good reference.

Geometric Sandcastles – I have a hard enough time making a regular sandcastle. Calvin Seibert mixes it up with a little geometry.

You know what? It’s the weekend…


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