They spread from the ground like black ink from a swollen tear duct. How would ink come to be in a tear duct? Well, when the virus takes hold, you never know how it will manifests itself. Sometimes, the sky goes sparkly, sometimes your skin bubbles, sometimes birds shoot out of the ground. One thing is always certain though. Your hair will be whitened by the intensity it adds to these links.

Elizabeth Leggett – The work of award winning illustrator and art director who has a knack for capturing emotion and has especially beautiful work of horses.

Writing Ball – It’s like if a toddler was a large, floating transparent ball with markers spaced evenly around his body, bouncing off the walls.

Affinity Photo – If you would like Photoshop, but don’t want to pay a subscription, Affinity is your answer. And it’s available now (but only for Mac).

Launching Robot – The breakdown for Jan Sladecko’s sweet Launching Robot project done in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Start Wars Timeline – You can now stop wondering if Smuggler’s Run happened before or after Return of the Jedi. Could be fleshed out a little more.

History vs. Hollywood – The most interesting movie site I’ve seen in a while. Inspiration behind the movies, reel faces vs. real faces and more.

Liquid Tricks – Reversing liquid, disappearing bottle and more. Grab some bottles, water and food coloring. This should take up a few hours over the weekend.

Invasions РFrench photographer/artist Charles Pétillion introduces thousands of white balloons to environments, buildings and houses. The result is oddly enjoyable to look upon.

Unconditional Rebel – The video of the song by Siska, stated as ‘The shortest shooting ever’ by director Guillaume Panariello.


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