The trees towered, a grove of five just in front of us, a path around, and a trail of its fur, scales and laughter all along. We drew our bows, activated the trackers and readied ourselves to fire at these links.

Cinta Vidal – In love with the architecturally surreal, perspective twisting, structure and nature mash-ups in Cinta Vidal’s Gravities series.

Elizabethan Word Square – A block of words that forms a conventional 10-line poem and eightother poems, created by Poet Henry Lok, in 1597, in honor of Elizabeth I.

Air Chair – Marquese Scott brings back his smooth, robotic moves in a new video. He has tutorials too.

Fumage – Fire and Smoke painter Steven Spazuk creates amazing work with just a little smoke. Some process video on his Instagram.

Currency Leaf Insects – And other amazing, large, creepy bugs, in their specimen boxes, painted ever so delicately by Takumi Kama.

Insta360 – Why get a Ricoh Theta to lug around when you can just grab a 360 camera that attaches to your iPhone? And with a resolution of 3040×1520.

Dronestagram – Judging is over for the 2016 International Drone Photography Contest. These are the incredible shots.

Go Off – New one from Miss M.I.A. filmed after Maya was sick of working with people on previous video Borders. Produced by Skillex (who also has a new one out with Rick Ross).


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