The blast peeled back the sides of the tin skirted fence rows, dirt churned to powder, those hidden behind revealed in their pale, hunched shapes half burrowing, half rising to escape, perhaps a bodily torment, but more a hunger that anticipated your next move… and your next… and your next… drawing their consumptive energies from the veins of these links.

Wouter Gort – Love the crisp line work and lighting mastery he shows in the process of creating guns, ships, vehicles and introspective scene art.
How the Economic Machine works – In a simple straightforward, highly understandable and beautifully illustrated animated explaination from Ray Dalio.
The Mega Plush – If this is the trailer for the battle between a vengeful bear and a band of sock monkeys, I want to see the full movie. Created in modo and discussed here.
Airsoft your trigger finger – Art of manliness breaks down firearm training in this Airsoft primer that’s as good for adults and is it for kids.
Kim Jung Gi – Oh this? Just the amazing Kim Jung Gi showing you how he does his drawing show thing so nonchalant like. Yeah.
Sci-fi Spaceship chart – An incredible, nay amazing poster of sci-fi ships in context to one another, created and updated by Dirk Loechel.
Petronas Mercedes AMG VFX Breakdown – Behind the EyeBelieve! scenes with projection mapping, alien drones and motherships from wireframes to composites that will drop your jaws.
My Milk Toof – Whatever happened to those baby teeth you put under your pillow at night? This self-published story from Inhae Lee is the adventure of two of them named ickle and Lardee.

Parking Lot by Joshua Catalano.


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