Long ago, the wrinkled hands of the oarsmen would take the otter tails by the tips and fling them repeatedly towards the front of the boat. A lone traveler watching the rising mound of otters amidst their tails, playing quite gleefully, asked why they were thrown to the front. They replied as if asked before, “To keep them away from these links.”

Jan Sarbort – Oh, the wonderful concept ships, robots, space scenes and more, drawn with a captivating perspective and atmosphere.

Free Oil Painting Lessons – A great series from Web Art Academy on painting in oil. Includes nine lessons and only requires an email.

Deeply Artifical Trees – So, if you always though Bob Ross was a little creepy, this will seal the deal. Alexander Reben experiments with an AI’s interpretation when trying to decern words and find images.

Jumbo Playing Card – My boys have been learning card tricks. Slight of hand may be a little tougher with these hugely massive playing cards.

Figuarts Man – Get rid of those boring old artist dummies and snag some of these Bandai action figure poseable figures. Male and female versions, plus exchangeable hands.

Hill Bombs – Sean Greene is droppin’ bombs down the hills of San Francisco. Thar be some speed. Sk8 or die.

KA-Bar Folding – Just picked one of these up. One of the best quality, lowest cost knives around. Lots of colors to choose from as well. Don’t need a knife? Then check out this Shotgun Shell Thermos!

Spring Blossoms – The Big Picture grabs the joys of spring in these shots of flowers, flowers being flowers, and people taking pictures of flowers.

Guardabosqu – Crazy, detailed paper sculptures of animals, objects and environments created by Carolina Silvero and Juan Elizalde of Guardabosques design studio in Buenos Aires.

Good Trip – New video from Missine+Tripstoic. Listen to and download the new album here.


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