We flew around the peak. The moss fires put us in a orange haze and gave the air a sappy taste. We wouldn’t be able to set down anywhere nearby, so we hung the drag lines out the side, hoping that whatever was down there shrieking wasn’t large enough to pull us down with it. We would have to power up once we felt the catch, and pray the torque wouldn’t break these links.

Tor Frick – Loads of luscious 3d mech, ship, and machinery with a muted color pallet and filtered lighting that make the concepts pop, pop, pop.

Brand Machine – Corporations will keep making cool Rube Goldberg machines and we’ll keep watching them, like this one from 3M.

Project Sunroof – How would you like to go off-grid? Use nothing but solar? Google is pushing for it, with this map that shows savings and cost to go solar.

Golden Circle – Simon Sinek explains why some people and organizations are able to inspire and others just can’t cut the mustard.

Sky Pool -You’ve probably seen it already, but at 90 feet wide, 115 feet off the ground and all glass, it’s just that cool.

Rocking Speeder Bike – How-to of the year. It may not have the speed, but it has 100% of the cool for your little guy or gal. Instructable here.

Feel the Mud – Up and coming photographer Peter Bohler grabs the shots no one else does, which is why he’s so good.

Half Line Miami – A mash-up game between Half-Life 2 and Hotline Miami. What would that be? Download for free and find out.

Movie Fight Tribute – Rewatch and catch up on 82 of the best fight scenes in movie history. You probably know all of these.

Dismaland – Banksy has gone and done a bemusment park pop-up art installation and it’s fabulous.

Planet A – I know, it’s heavy, but it’s also The Devil Wears Prada bringing the chug with a fresh one out this week.


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