They fought off the abundance of nibbles. From left and right they came, wearing their customized little hats. Should you try to grab one and put it on your head, your fate was sealed. You would be punished unless, by chance, you were able to make your way through them to what they swore to protect, all the way, to take these links.

Gregory Euclide – Wonderfully amazing reliefs that mix together an array of materials from foam and moss to acrylic and seeds. A handful of surreal installations as well.

Fabric and Skin – translated into a digital mesh. A fashion visual experiment by Tobias Gremmler for Osage Gallery during HK|Runway.

Hidden Folks – Can you find them? A beautifully done hand-drawn, interactive game of hide and seek among the miniature landscapes by game designer Adriaan de Jongh. Available on everything.

Slow Mo Battery Explosion – What happens when you heat a battery. Gav and Dan, the Slow Mo guys, find out in their latest experiment.

Straw Camera – An experimental analog camera, made from… you guessed it, straws. 32,000 straws. Many photos, with more on the process here.

Admantium Crush – What happens when you try to crush adamantium (you know, Logan’s claws) with a hydraulic press? You won’t believe it. Bit of language here.

Pixelated – The sculptures of artist Hsu Tung Han are wooden people and busts pixel-glitching, carved from teak, walnut or African wax wood.

Smash the Window – The Tossers new one from the title album on Victory Records.

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