No one quite knew his age or the powers residing within the metal stump at the end of his arm. The children would say it glows just before a rain and the mouse antler swarms. Others claimed it controlled time through dust particles sifted through our nostrils, and others still, said it had the ultimate power to generate these links.

Nicolas Ferrand – Machines. Lots of them. And the inside of ships. A wonderful eye for perspective and loads of detail in the art from this Motreal based EA Concept Artist.

LEGO Braiding Machine – Ingenious little machine made from LEGOs for quickly braiding string. And yes, there are instructions available too!

History in Color – Famous and not-so-famous black and white photos from the past, perfectly colorized by Dana R. Keller.

Globe-making – The process from start to finish for the largest globe-maker during the 1950’s, taking up to 15 hours of work per globe.

International Idioms – What are the most unusual idioms in the world? These are a few that might be the raisin at the end of the hotdog for you.

Rogue One Featurette – Behind-the-scenes of the upcoming Star Wars Story, Rogue One, with Director Gareth Edwards and cast.

ClickClickClick – There’s a site that will narate what you do on the site, from waiting, to moving, to clicking a button, triple-clicking a button… think your every move can’t be watched?

Frog Trick – Magician David Blaine does the unthinkable and completely shocks Drake, Stephen Curry, and Dave Chappelle.

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Hallelujah – He penned the struggles of life and faith and put it to song, “And even though it all went wrong, I’ll stand before the lord of song, With nothing on my tongue but hallelujah.”

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