Locked inside the tumultuous tummy of the stuffed teddy toto, we evaluated the situation. A) we had plenty of grade-a foam B) we had some leftover honey and a half-melted stick of pig fat C) we had with us the explosive power of nine carbonate hamster sacks–in a word, these links.

Michael Kus – Superbly detailed illustrative work with deep colors and shadows in character, creature, ship, vehicle and spacecraft design.
A Capella Rhapsody – It’s Bohemian Gravity, done surprisingly well by Tim Blais as a supplement to his Master’s Thesis on parity-violating three-dimensional gravity.
Roadtrip Radar – Whether it be day trip or road trip this, this right here, is a fabulous tool to help you find those spots along the way.
Treehouse of Horror – The best Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror couch gag yet as created by Guillermo del Toro, with classic horror reference galore.
The art of 3D type – Benoit Challand is a brilliant 3D artist, forming scenes around typographic elements and typographic elements around scenes.
Festival of Bacon – There is one of these. Bacon, beer, music. It happens this weekend for the lucky people who live in or will be in close proximity to Festival Park, Downtown Orlando, Florida.
Keloid – The robot uprising has never looked more awesome.


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