We threw it hard, like we had five arms each and the strength of a cattle-prodded meglephant. It was only a small asteroid, mostly ore, filled with holes growing the orange fungii we could no longer harvest. With the atmosphere decaying and a lack of constant moisture, it had completely succumbed to these links.

Kelly Airo – Beautiful texture and line work using water and colored pencil. And she likes the word ‘fantastical’.

Siberian Hitch Knot – Woopa, up and over and inside, woop and reindeer tied! Learn the knot to beat all knots, then put mittens on and astound your friends.

Goldrush – Are we obsessed with everything golden? Could be I suppose, at least after seeing these food and item images by Črtomir Just.

Star Wars VR – A trailer for the proposed Star Wars VR game. Yes, yes please.

StreamSquid – No registration, no fees, no complex ui or functions, just music.

Motor cutaway – Stop motion of a motor being cutaway a millimeter at a time. Could watch these all day.

Rainymood+ – It takes rainymood and adds a layer of mellow, soothing video game music on top.

Titan – If only this amazing Destiny collectible figure didn’t cost $190.

Skyblaster Slingshot – This DIY slingshot is the coolest thing this side of July 2015. 1/2″ PVC Tubing and a handful of sprinkler head fittings. It’s ON.

Handcut Paper portraits – Sliver by sliver cut by the hands of Yoo Hyun to create these intricate paper portraits.

Riva – Klingande joins up with Broken Back with this single that’s kinda hoppy, kinda happy and has some bells in randon spots.

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