Back in the days when the wharf was busy and bustling with activity, fishermen going to and fro, preparing their nets, ladies selling their finest hand-crafted eel knives in the marketplace, and the one, Mr. McChumbly, you could always depend on to provide the music heard throughout the day, set to the rhythm of these links.

Christian Grajewski – Beautiful concept ships, space scenes and other work from this industrial / transportation designer.

Homage – A homage to Vincent Van Goh, created by 3D Artist, Kim Gryun, who reimagined ‘Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles’ and ‘The Starry Night’ in 3D.

Cartell PLJ – A cool design process behind the scenes for the creation of a poster using cardboard to offset the lettering and powder pigment.

Visothkakvei – Instagram artist to follow. Visoth Kakvei uses pen and ink to create these ornate, super detailed sketches. This one is my favorite.

Magic Coins – Magician Will Tsai created this magic trick just for America’s Got Talent as a turning point for his life. Think he did it.

Wood? – Not quite. But these sculptures by Christopher Davide White will have you second guessing. Some NSFW images. Direct link to some that are safe here and here.

Rime – It’s a new adverture/puzzle platformer out on all consoles and Steam with visuals that are just splendid. See the gameplay shots and trailers here.

T-Rex vs Chicken – What? It could happen. Chicken swarms.

Turn Up – New Waxx with the best things – Rock, skatebaording, simple chord progressions, tight beats and table slides. Turn Up.

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