The furry cheek fat of the the chub-hubbling’s left eyelid drooped over the rods that served to heighten its sense of both smell and sound. Offering tea, you could barely keep yourself from saying thank you, bowing at the waist for a closer look that revealed small mechanical worms crawling across those rods, harvesting these links.

Francesco Lorenzetti – The ships and characters alone would be amazing, but put them in environments such as Francesco has and you get absolute works of art.
Dunkey – Brilliance from Steak Smoothie. “One day, donkey fell down a hole.” The spice must flow.
Shark Avalanche – It’s like a mix of Tremors (without KB) and Piranha, except in the snow. Some more budget and I’m convinced this could be awesome.
Money – Robert Wechsler makes amazing geometric sculptures using coin money, notched and joined together. You could do this.
Robomustache – Love this story from Ponoko. Charles Wade is a busy guy, but he still finds time to create this interesting little guys, cut them via Ponoko and sell them via Etsy.
La Sagrada en el futuro – An amazing fly-by completion of Antonio Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain, created by Joanc Vendrell.
The Paper Kites: Young – Seven days to shoot 350+ faces, 10 days to assemble 4000+ photos, music video by Oh Yeah Wow & The Paper Kites.


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