Crinkled skin and bloodshot eyes filled the light as it passed by. Once we had thought there would be plenty of dark to hide such a hideous sight, but whatever it was doing with its fleshy skin-cicles in the core chamber was changing things, and most likely, it had something to do with a moisturizer made with these links.

Mikhail Rakhmatullin – Strange cybergenetic robo-creatures with spindly appendage and distant gaze with their garb as the central element.

Corn/Bean Planter – Build one. A handheld one it turns out. For less than the cost of the seed you plant. Ingenious.

Star Time – There’s also a good reference for telling time by the stars on that site. You will be navigating by the North Star within the hour.

The Fallen – Many fought. Many lived. Many paid for our freedoms with their lives in WWII. This is an incredible look at numbers, the numbers before and the numbers since.

737 Paintjob – Timelapse of two Southwest 737-700’s getting a new skin. Bit of a process there.

Star Wars & Hobbes – His art and mash-ups are already spectacular, but Brian Kesinger’s Force Awakens / Calvin & Hobbes mash-ups are the absolute bestest.

Spinoff – Two tops on a two centimetre diameter platform go head to head. Young vs old craftsmen. 17 minutes later… Thanks Anthony!

Planet Designer – I thoroughly love things like this. An online, interactive planet creator. Add or remove land, city, ice or trees. Fun for all.

FloriDada – New video, produced and directed PFFR, from Animal Collective’s upcoming Painting With.

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