The landscape spread before his peglegs, all nine of them, some wrapped to his hobbled trochanters with makeshift tarsal claws cut from barnside tin. He’d seen decades of fighting, hair matted, antennae torn, but still plenty of seeds scraped from the hulls of these links.

Aleks Petruk – Huge color for huge scenes that you’ll find secret mysteries in and details that make it all the more interesting.

Coffee Bean Lettering – It seems, shall we say, a monotonous task to create lettering with coffee beans, yet Will Paterson does it so well.

1999 – Remember that year? How did the films that year memorialize the relative stability of the decade? Now You See It looks vissays the ‘Cubicle Movie’.

Melted Decay – The large-scale sculptures of Diana Al-Hadid are just breath-taking, and all a bit creepy in their drippy decay.

Floating – Instagram follow of the week. If you’ve ever wondered how to paint water, pools, or rather, the way light travels through water. This.

White Head – Oh boy. The paper sculpture by John Clark is just the type of low poly 3D art I love. See the sculpts and check out his paintings as well.

Comic Code – I’m sorry.

Mission Control – I always wanted a Diamondback bicycle – this makes me want one more – not that I could, ya know, flip like that or anything.

Vacant – Single #2 from Eric Krasno’s album Telescope that takes a look at characters living in various Brooklyn brownstones.

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