The churning sound withered with the distance. No longer would tiny chocolates and their furry battle lord companions be left from crossing realms. Some were skeptical, some we’re blinded by frost bitten eyes, but others, yes many others, rose up and crossed the divide gaining strength through a moderately paced three-course breakfast and these links.

Tom McGrath – Fun, illustrative style that brings back airship adventures, interesting characters and surreal situations. Great WIP images on his blog too.
Star Trek Epi-Art – Jaun Ortiz lays out the 80 original Star Trek episodes is stylish new print sets available for purchase in sets of four or in a book.
Fire Ant Metal – Fire ants. Horrid little creatures. You could use molasses and orange oil to thwart them or you could use molten aluminum and create amazing art in the process.
jQuery Spin – Interactive 3D? You can create touch enabled 3D graphics with a bit of javascript and good ol’ jQuery. This shows you how.
Odysseus’ Journey – Travel with Homer from Troy to Ithaca on the interactive map that covers the journey using period art to tell the story.
Wine your food – What wine goes with that food? What food goes with that wine? Become the wine snob you’ve always dreamed of with this.
Ron Swanson Tearables – Ron Swanson is perhaps the wisest man this side of Pawnee. Share his most memorable quotes with these keepsake tearables.
Magnificent Multitude of Beer – Wine, now beer. What’s better than a simple, old infographic about beers? Why, a massive infographic about beers!
Mae Shi – The only sad part about this music video from L.A. noise rock band Remarkably Dirty Animals is that it’s so low res.

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