The dust settled, then floated. The air grew thick, rabbit fur and gopher whiskers everywhere. Where did it come from? When had there been such an excess of gophers? We pondered long, but not too long, for they were on our heels, ready to attack, ready to devour, ready to gnaw the eyelids off anyone who dare gaze upon these links.

Daniel Galieote – Captures those rare moments we miss in life in a bit of surreal and rather colorful way.

PixelSquid – Select your view in 3D, get a perfectly layered PSD. Complete disruption of the stock image industry.

Manhole covers – If there’s one thing they know how to do in Japan, it’s Sushi. And also Manhole covers. Photographed by S. Morita. Via.

‘3D’ Tattoo – It’s almost like he had another layer of skin grafted an inch off his arm. Inked by Tony Booth.

Bullet Journal – Heard of this? If you’re into lists, still enjoy pen and paper, and not so much into tracking things digitally, you. will. love. this.

Hydro Hammock – What’s better than a regular old hammock? A hammock you can put heated water in.

Affinity Photo – A Photoshop rival for $40? Yes, launches this week, but only for Mac.

Paper Windows – The amazing laser-cut, 3-dimensional paper art from Eric Standley. Be sure to catch the video on the about page.

Forrest Gump Beatbox – Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them. Bizt-ti-ti-bizt-ti-ti-brthbrth-tat-tat.

Sirens – Going screaming and kicking into the weekend with ATTALUS’ new video.

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