We would pop a few over the fence, just to hear the reaction. It was usually a grumble of sorts, a low guttural sound of pre-digested enzymes breaking down the fats. We had yet to see it, until one day, when we bound ten together around a ball of butter. Lowering it slowly, we saw it rise, mostly teeth, mostly skin, and wrapped in these links.

Ross Tran – If you’ve seen his work, you know him as Ross Draws. Loads of super-mega style with so much video to go along.

Connected World – Data viz geek Martin Grandjean maps the flight paths of the 3,275 airports in the world to show the interesting visualization created by the network of connections.

Monster Trucks – A guy builds a monster truck from scrape parts. Turns out the monster lives in the truck. A Chris Wedge film coming in January 2017.

Edible VR – A VR headset you can eat? Now this could really make our eventual VR controlled lives more delicious.

Drawit – A concept for a drawable interface. Either the worst or best idea ever.

Tactica – A bottle opener that won’t rust? Yeah, I’ll take one. Super deal on the award winning top popper.

Binjiang District Book store – This new bookstore in China is an optical illusion of endless amounts, isles and shelves of books.

Please Touch the Art – Screw painting artist Andrew Myers saw a blind man touch his art one time. He’s never been the same since and created the first piece for the Tactile Art Center.

Musicmap – Mother of gravy slaps. All of music history in one place. WITH PLAYLISTS.

Wow – New single from Beck. It’s like… Wow. And this lyric video is definitely so.


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