The lenticular chasm of shifting light made the fur around their teeth jump even closer. There were waves of them. Chirping as the foraged upon the bodies. But wait, these were not bodies at all. The crunches were the distinct sound of cabbage being devoured, devoured a mass of bunnies, possessed by these links.

Cuba Lee – More space station concepts? You bet! Mr. Lee takes you on a voyage of to the outer reaches, colonization, teraforming and fighting of creepies.
Exobiotanica – Live plants photographed in the stratosphere. A project by artist Makoto Azuma at 30,000 meters and minus 50 degrees Celsius.
Greater than or equal to – Which is better? More or Less? It doesn’t matter really. It’s just fun to continue clicking to see where it all goes.
A new hue – Digital papercraft animation of a sort, with a wee blob creativiely colorizing the watercolor paper world.
No Cameras Allowed – Marcus loves music. He sneaks into music festivals. He photographs and records the bands. This is the trailer for his upcoming film.
Beat:repeat – The Red Bull Music Academy does it right with a look at beats that defined the scenes, then mixing with the modern.
Cold showers – Art of Manliness takes a look at why cold showers provide so many benefits and lists them off.
Won’t look back – Jewelry store robbery leads to crazy pogo-stick getaway actions leads to intense chase scene leads to have an awesome weekend.


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