Joined at the knees they rose, a purple haze amongst the thickets green and a pungent odor on the nose. Most steps were amiss, sliding and slipping against the roots roiling through the ruts. Then mist-enveloped, they appeared–a simple whistle, a lark and these links.

Andreas Preis‘Grow’ is just one project from Andreas that pulls curves with thick contours and patterns of color into your eye. Check out his other work too. Thanks Rod.
25 Most Important Maps – A blast from the 2013 with maps that explore everything from wealth and ethnicity to baby names and the economy of elephant poaching.
Ron Mueck Sculptures – Super crazy, super real sculptures of humans in their natural form–sleeping, lying about, generally looking decrepit and fabulous all at once.
Practical Typography – The book on it. Amazing in every way and practical as it states. Learn the rules in ten minutes and more about composition and formatting. Thanks Rod. via.
What does the spleen do – If ‘What Does the Fox Say’ was actually educational, or kind of educational. Nevertheless, a parody from the Harvard Medical School folk.
Russian Farm – Just wow. With a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens, Elena Shumilova captures the lone, cold winter and soft summer days with sons and animals.
He-Man – Downloadable He-Man game, 80’s style baby! Includes He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Sorceress, and Battlecat with some killer 3D gameplay action.


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