As times go, it was a quiet one. Misty dew settling on the grasses and a smell of pies in the air. The latter quite interesting, as no one on this planet had ever had pies–chicken pot, rhubarb or any containing nuts, cheese or cobbled fruit–Yet, it smelled of pies and we soon found that it came from the ink of their face markings, sifted from the ground seed berries of these links.

Federico Infante – A touch of the traditional medium with painting from New York based painter whose works bring a subtle energy to the subject in their setting
Perfect design – Have you ever tried to take a photograph of a snowflake? Here’s how Alexey Kljatov does it, along with gorgeous examples of their amazing design.
Neverending story reboot – Yes. Please. Nicolas Francoeur brings a fresh look to the classic movie we wouldn’t mind being the inspiration behind a re-make.
Mulch – What most would use in a planter or garden, illustrator and photographer Sarah Rosado uses to create mixed media works that makes dirt more meaningful.
Inkpad – If you’re looking for a top-notch vector illustration app that rivals Adobe Illustrator, look no further. Free and open-source to boot. New version out on iTunes. Thanks Butch!
Trench run – I’m certain Brian Drake is completely relaxed as he zips of jagged rocks in a wingsuit. Proximity flying at it’s best/craziest. via
Daily Grind – 3 minutes and 33 second of office space awesomeness as the Red Bull skate team takes to the 23rd floor of a Chicago high-rise.
Over and Over – The artful and repetitive and artful song from Hot Chip to set the mood for your morning or afternoon or evening or morning.


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