The container was split. All but two poured out, staying inside to ingest the remains. Every jar in the warehouse was infected. More came falling from the rafters, their furry fingers caked in five kind of frosting furiously devoured. The children, shocked by the scene could only do one thing now–summon the blazing heat of these links.

Michiel van den Berg – 30 isometric renders in 30 days. 300% Awesome.

Magnetic Driftwood – Looks like wood, tastes like wood, feels like wood, sticks like a magnet.

Monument Valley numbers – The numbers for the must have perspective defying, illusory adventure game of the year.

The Real Thing – “A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water.” Because science.

Needle in Haystack – I’m not sure which is worse–An artist trying to find a needle in a haystack or the people who are watching an artist try to find a needle in a haystack (or us linking to it).

52 Historical Photos Colorized – From Claude Monet to Clint Eastwood, these colorized photos of the past offer a look at what the world really looked like.

7 Smartphone Camera tricks – You’ll want to go on a photo shoot with your mobile phone after these super simple tricks.

Best things to buy – Imagine having a list of things to buy, at the exact time you should buy them, each month. This is that list.

CYMATICS – Nigel Stanford’s latest music video ditches the expensive computer graphics in favor of displaying cymatic frequencies on matter. Yes these effects are real.


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