We rode all day. The dust, the dirt, the smoke, the buzz–not the kind from drinking their fermented milk, the kind you hear even in your sleep. However, it was the best way to move about the treacherous landscape, for they were a native species, able to adapt to the elements, and take on predators, even if they used the magic summoned from these links.

Yohann Schepacz – Just great rural art with a sci-fi twist. A few space scenes to along as well.

Skinny Jeans – Want to hear a list of people who shouldn’t wear skinny jeans? Men. End of list. The John Wayne line is pure gold.

Trunk Club – Speaking of. Men’s clothes selected by personal stylists and shipped free. Did John Wayne need a personal stylist?

Overwatch – Have you seen this game trailer? Watch up to 1:00, then watch up to 2:00, then just stick around for the awesome.

Ello – A new ad free social network. Yes, it’s true. However, they do have a Threadless store for you to purchase a shirt or three.

Trauma of War – Eloy playing a live set. Just in case, you know, your blood and stopped moving through your veins.

Engineer Prints – Well, kinda. They’re mega-size B&W copies of your photos. $25 bucks a pop, but cool looking over the fireplace or bed or covering a cubicle wall.

Stay – How do ‘The Do’ do it?

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