Many students struggle when they have to write essays. First of all, not everyone understands the rules of essay writing. Others don’t have writing talent and always get stuck when trying to write at least the standard one-page paperwork. It is also difficult because there are several main types of essays, and in order to write a good essay, you have to know and keep them in mind when writing. You should also remember that essays are more of a formal type of writing, and therefore, they distinguish from ordinary stories and compositions. That is why when writing an essay, you have to follow several specific rules in order to write a correct essay and get a good mark. But the most difficult part for a student is to get to know those rules. For example, high school students always feel lost, and their most typical request in Google is “Writing an impressive admission essay” because, in most cases, the teachers don’t explain how to do it, expecting students to learn it by themselves. In this article, we decided to prepare guidelines for those who always experience serious difficulties when receiving writing tasks.

Don’t Hesitate and Ask for Help

The first tip is for those who don’t have enough time or inspiration to write essays. Sometimes, students can be a member of a college football team or any other club, and naturally, it takes a lot of time. Of course, studying is very important, but from time to time, such students might need qualified assistance. Nowadays, we can find a lot of writing services that can provide you with the required essays, meeting the deadline, and all other specific requirements. After choosing the exact service, they can have several disturbing questions, for example, “Is EduBirdie legit?”, “Is the service trustworthy?”, “Is it a scam”, or “Will I receive my essay?”. But you can easily find the answers if you look for the reviews of those who have already used the service. For example, you can check these review if you have doubts, and for sure, after reading it, you will make the right choice.

Make Sure You Got the Task Right

Sometimes, students are a bit in a hurry and can be less attentive than usual. That is why, before starting to write your paperwork, make sure you understand well what you have to write, meaning the type of essay, the number of words, the topic, and the academic level. It’s better to ask twice than two weeks to prepare the wrong task. If there are no exact requirements regarding the type and format, then you need to evaluate your abilities and decide what you are going to write. No one knows your strong points better than you, so make sure you make the right choice. Considering the fact that formation style is very important in academic writing, it’s better to ask the teacher about it if there are no specific requirements.

Choose the Right Topic

Sometimes, students can have a list of topics and choose the one that they like. It is very important to make a reasonable choice. Of course, you can choose the easiest topic, but you have to understand that a lot of other students did the same, so when preparing the material and looking for the source of information, you can face the problem that you don’t have a lot of options or that it is almost impossible to write unique paperwork. That is why we recommend you choose a more challenging topic, but that will guarantee you an up-to-date, unique, and interesting essay.

Do Your Research

If you think that you can use the first link offered by a search engine or just use Wikipedia as the only source of your essay, it will not work like that. You have to find the information from reliable sources, and of course, the number of them should be enough to cover the chosen topic. Depending on the chosen topic, you should consider adding some statistics, results of the polls, and any other data that can show your deep understanding of the essay topic.

Detailed Outline

It is well-known that any essay consists of three main parts: introduction, body of essay, and conclusion. But in order to make your paperwork logical and well organized, you have to prepare a detailed outline. It will help you to put your thoughts in the right place in the text and make your essay coherent. The introduction part should not be very long, but it has to be catchy and contain the thesis statement supported by interesting background data. When you want to start the body paragraph, use transition or linking words so that it looks natural and not as if you have forgotten what you wanted to say. Depending on the number of words required, the body of the paperwork can contain more than one paragraph. So, if you want to include two or three arguments, make sure you include the equivalent number of paragraphs in the body part of the essay. A conclusion part should be short and without any new information or argument; just repeat your thesis statement expressing it in other words.

Write the First Draft

Don´t expect that you will be 100% satisfied with the first draft of your essay. Even the most talented writers rewrite their works until they reach the level of perfection in their understanding. And you have to do the same. Write the first draft, and if the time permits, return to it in a day. It will help you to evaluate your work more objectively and notice some unsuitable words or paragraphs that must be changed because they don’t seem to be in the right place.

Proofreading Is an Essential Part of Writing an Essay

It is very typical for humans to make mistakes, which is why proofreading is one of the most important stages of creating an essay. And even though many people naturally have good language, there can be some typos and minor mistakes that, nevertheless, can spoil the impression of your paperwork. That is why we recommend using one of the services, for example, Grammarly, in order to correct the mistakes that you didn’t notice yourself and for plagiarism checking as well.

And if we talk about the style, we suggest to follow these small tips to make an essay look more formal:

– Use complete sentences instead of fragments that are typical for speaking;

– Don’t make an essay too personalized by using the first person;

– Not only does IELTS not like abbreviations, try not to use them;

– Slang and informal language are not acceptable in essays.

– Poetic devices should be used in fiction literature and not in essays.