Online betting and casinos have grown exponentially in the last decade worldwide and certainly in Estonia. Most sports bettors have probably noticed this trend, but what is the reason for it? Why are more and more people in Estonia turning to online casino gaming?

The reasons lie in the changing attitudes of people towards betting in online environments and in the efforts of online casinos to make their service more and more active. Let’s look at some recent developments that have changed the landscape of online sports betting and online casino gambling for enthusiasts.

Live betting and live casinos are the present and the future

Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular, and people spend significant time on their smart devices daily. Real-time apps allow people to place bets on sporting events even while they are happening, even if they are present at the event.

Much the same is true of the live casinos offered by online casinos. Going to a land-based casino is no longer necessary to get a relatively immediate experience of casino gaming. In a web environment or on your smart device, you can open a live casino and instantly immerse yourself in the game streamed from the casino studio via video. Interacting with the dealer via the live chat feature is even possible.

New and simplified user interface

Online platforms are a vital component of all online gambling. They are used for betting and sports betting, and many online casinos also offer the possibility to play poker.

Therefore, It is unsurprising that many online casinos invest heavily in developing state-of-the-art platforms. These platforms must be easy to navigate and include features that can differentiate their offerings in a crowded online casino market.

Of course, online environments must be able to keep pace with evolving design trends and consumer demands. For example, the emergence of virtual reality technology has already led some online casinos to create virtual reality applications. All these improvements and technological innovations have increasingly led players globally and in Estonia to opt for the online casino experience.

Advanced security driving innovation

Like any other industry, online gambling companies constantly seek ways to improve their security. With major companies being hacked regularly, consumers want to know that they can trust the cyber security infrastructure of online casinos.

In Estonia, there are strict laws in place to regulate and protect consumer privacy. This means that online gambling companies must be firm in ensuring that all sensitive data is strictly protected and not made available to third parties.

Online casinos implement several advanced cybersecurity features to ensure the highest level of security. One example is the proliferation of cloud data encryption, whereby a company securely stores customer data on a separate server (also known as “the cloud”). Cloud technology is nothing new per se, as it has been around for several decades. Still, the new levels of security that can be achieved through data encryption are forcing businesses to implement new and more stringent cybersecurity measures constantly.

In Estonia, confidence in the cyber-security of businesses, including online casinos, is relatively high, so people will never abandon them purely out of fear of having their data and money stolen.

Blockchain technology: the future of online casinos?

Blockchain technology is poised to change how many different sectors operate – not just online gambling. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that allows digital transactions without a third party acting as an intermediary.

By using blockchain technology, online gambling companies can operate with less risk of hacking. This is because blockchain technology gives users access to their data so hackers cannot see their personal information.

Online casinos can already use blockchain technology today to create convenient and secure platforms for people to bet on sporting events or gamble at online casinos. In Estonia, few online casinos accept cryptocurrency payments based on blockchain technology, but some have already emerged. In general, however, Estonians are satisfied with the security of payments and the range of payment methods available, and this will undoubtedly increase the popularity of online casinos.

Betting at online casinos is convenient

People are spending more hours at the computer today than ever before. The convenience of taking a break in the middle of the day to play a few slots or make a few bets is a desirable option for many. In some cases, players may need more time or money to go to a casino, and online casinos offer the convenience of using a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone to instantly access the games they want.

New players feel welcome at an online casino

Land-based casinos can be a disturbing place to enter for many players. Online casinos have proactively tackled this problem, welcoming new players with open arms and offering support and assistance to those just starting.

Want to learn more about betting on cricket, football, or your favorite sport? A live online chat and customer service representatives are on the website to help if you need assistance. Many websites also offer the chance to try out casino games for free in demo mode so that someone new to the game can get to grips with how the games work before they even consider putting their money on the line.

Many online casinos and sports betting environments open a whole world of gambling to players without even asking them to leave their homes. With many games offering unique features and add-ons not found in traditional casinos, playing at an online casino always becomes exciting and exciting.

Online casinos offer one of the most popular bonuses and promotions

Online casinos and sports betting websites regularly offer fun promotions, bonuses, or other incentives to keep players interested. In some cases, you can even collect loyalty points or have the chance to participate in leaderboard competitions and win cash prizes or other goodies. At land-based casinos, there is no point in dreaming of cash bonuses and offers; promotions mainly stick to getting free drinks.

In the online environment, you have access to a huge betting market

The most exciting thing about online sports betting is that it gives you access to unlimited betting markets. As the availability of information is no longer restricted by location, this has allowed players to access countless betting markets, both domestic and foreign.

This diversity allows for creative maneuvering when placing bets and is an entertaining way to explore new sports.

In addition, online casinos and sports betting environments offer real-time video coverage of a wide range of sporting events, which adds further value to using these environments. Many of the broadcasts are of a kind not found on TV channels. There are many live betting markets for events with video coverage waiting to be discovered.

To sum up the growth in the number of online casino users in Estonia

New technological advances are accelerating the growth of online betting and making the market more diversified. Mobile technologies, intelligent platforms, and real-time applications are helping to make online gambling more convenient and secure than ever before. This trend is likely to continue, which means that online casinos and betting shops will also become increasingly popular with people in Estonia.