Despite what many may think, poker is a relatively novel gambling game compared to most casino mainstays. It rose to prominence in the early-20th century, mainly as a recreational activity favored by small groups of card betting enthusiasts. However, following the Nevada and New Jersey casino explosion in the US, its profile significantly boosted. However, the creation of the WSOP combined with online play launched it into a new stratosphere, helping it become the world’s number one card game.

Today, in particular, Texas Holdem enjoys massive popularity in every corner of the globe. Mainly on account of its simplicity contrasted to other poker variants like 3 card poker or Omaha. Anyone would be hard-pressed to locate a running card room that does not offer it. Moreover, it is also the preferred option for most home games and even online, where most of the action happens in this day and age. Poker was actually very popular in the early 2000s before a gambling law in the United States closed down all of the major poker sites in the country. Making online poker regulated has become really hard due to the high tax laws governments want to enforce on a game of chance that does not produce the same revenues as others like casinos and sports betting.

According to multiple polls, poker fun is one of the top social activities people love engaging in from their abodes. Thus, many card mavens have dedicated sections of their houses to enjoy this hobby with friends. Those that don’t can check out the tips presented below and get cracking on constructing their card man cave. If they do not have acquaintances that are fans of the game, all they have to do is send them a tutorial on how to learn poker quickly, and they’ll have enough interested parties to fill all the seats at their table.

Get an Appropriate Table

Yes, any table will do. Nevertheless, to capture the feel of playing poker at a high end-venue, one needs a table similar to the one’s card rooms and casino use. It is noteworthy to mention that there are no official dimensions for poker tables laid out by the organization. Still, the unwritten rule of this section is that a regular table’s length should be between ninety-two and one hundred and four inches, and it should have a width in the range of thirty to forty-four inches. Of course, it should also have a green cloth surface and eight to ten player positions. A cheap option worth a gander for those on a budget is a table from World Sports Solutions, sold at Walmart and Amazon for around $25. Higher-end ones come with a price tag of over $500.

Buy Comfy Chairs

No doubt, poker sessions can go for hours. That is why every table must get coupled with comfortable chairs. Such items ensure that posteriors will not fall asleep after several hours of contact. Faux leather office chairs are an affordable option that should not break the bank. While, better quality picks, used in established tournaments and casinos, run from $500 to $2,500. Whatever your budget is, always decide on chairs with armrests. These elements can play a difference in long sessions as they allow for more movement, helping facilitate the reveal of tells.

Think About Installing a Bar

Alcoholic beverages and gambling go hand in hand, despite liquor hampering reasoning and endorsing compulsive behavior. The two are a pair, and both should get enjoyed in moderation. That said, a poker room without a bar lacks a certain authenticity. Hence, one is more or less a necessity, even if visiting parties are non-drinkers. It is a place to relax after a game or just chill and converse. There are hundreds of DIY tutorials on the World Wide Web detailing how one can go about crafting a bar from natural wood or plywood. Etsy features DIY bar plans for purchase and a wide assortment of constructed bars complete with stools.

Implement Moody Overhead Lighting

Lamps over tables frequently get associated with poll halls and backdoor shady gambling joints. Because of this connotation, they are a perfect pick for a home poker room, adding a specific sense of atmosphere and a movie-like vibe. They can help create tension if they are the single light source in a space focusing on the table below and visually drowning out everything else. In the past, billiard and poker tables have utilized chandeliers/lights from the same manufacturers. Therefore, BilliardLux has a decent collection of vintage ones, but know that eBay is always at your disposal, offering cheaper choices in good condition.

Blackout Curtains Are a Must

As discussed above, an absence of light is often favorable in a poker area. Gambling establishments feature no windows because they want visitors to lose track of time, engrossing themselves further in gaming action. The same holds for poker. Though, aside from the ambiance creation, blackout curtains are necessary so that neighbors are not privy to private gambling fun. The legal status of social games ranges dramatically from territory to territory. To err on the side of caution, keep everything discrete. Simple tab top blackout curtains are available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $15.