Craps can be an intimidating game for both casino newbies and seasoned pros. If you’ve ever watched a game, you may feel like all of the shouting, cheering, and complicated rules are a bit off-putting. But when you start to learn the rules and dig into the strategies, you’ll find it’s an incredibly exciting game that offers great payouts.

Whether you want to enjoy games of craps online at a Canadian casino or are prepping for a bachelor party in Vegas, we’ve created this guide with useful tips for beginners so you can get off to a great start when playing.

Learn the rules

This goes without saying, but you’re going to have to learn the ropes before you step foot at the Craps table and hit the dice like Matt Dillon in The Big Town. Not knowing how to play the games means it’s highly likely you’ll lose – and there’s no real fun in that!

Your best option is to go and watch a few short videos on how to play. Or If you’re visiting a land-based casino, though, usually the croupier will give you a friendly demonstration to help you out.

Play slow and steady

It’s very easy to get over-excited when playing Craps. It’s a high-octane, fast-action casino game that’s incredibly social. Don’t fall into the trap of getting over-excited and playing big bets when you start off, though.

Take the low-risk bets when starting off. This is mainly to get a feeling for the flow of the game, but it can also help slowly boost your bankroll whilst you’re playing. The best low-risk bets to go for are a pass line bet, a come bet, or the free odds bet.

Watch your bankroll

A general tip for any sort of gambling is to set a bankroll and stick to it no matter what. It can be quite a distracting game, with all the shouting and action. This can put a newbie gamer off from watching his bank balance, causing them to blunder and lose more money than they expected.

A good general rule of thumb to stick to is to never place more than 2-5% of your bankroll on any single bet. Sure, you won’t be winning massive amounts of money, but you won’t be overextending yourself, and you can prolong your fun at the table.

Use the facilities of the casino

If you’re visiting any of the big-name casinos (pretty much every casino in Las Vegas), you’ll often find a hand demonstration table where you can play a few rounds just to get to grips with the game.

The people running these demonstrations will not just guide you through playing the game, but they’ll often also give you handy tips. Remember that they are there to help you – so get the help!

If you’re on an unlucky streak, change it up

Remember that you’re playing for fun, so you don’t need to stick exclusively with craps. If you’re getting bummed out by a long losing streak, have a rest or wander around. You can always play another game.

If you’re in a casino, you may be stuck with that casino’s selection of games. If you’re playing online, though, you’ll probably have a massive array of different games to choose from, so take a look around and see if any catch your attention.

After a few games, start picking a strategy

It’s a pretty good idea to pick a strategy as soon as you’ve played a few rounds and have a firm grasp of the game. Take time to learn the different types of bets and try to start calculating the various payouts. You can also find handy Craps charts online, which spell out strategies in a cheat sheet format.


Now you’re all set for the hours of fun that craps can provide. Whether you’re off to a casino with your friends or staying in and playing online, you can start playing and see whether it’s the casino game for you or not.