Engineer Vs Designer

Engineer vs Designer

Welcome to the Engineer vs Designer podcast archive! Below you’ll find the past episodes from the very first season of the Engineer vs Designer podcast. If you’re looking for the latest episodes, you can find those right over here. As always, we would love to hear from you whether you have an idea about the show or have a suggestion for someone to interview. Enjoy the shows!

Episode 051: Brad Jaeger
Episode 052: EvD Anniversary Special
Episode 053: EvD Special Edition III
Episode 054: Duann Scott
EvD Uncut: June 29, 2012
Episode 048: Cassidy Clawson
Episode 049: John Jacobsen
Episode 050: Nitin Rao
Episode 044: Andrew Sliwinski
Episode 045: Mike Leydet
Episode 046: Joe Graney
Episode 047: Ping Fu