As if those pesky drones from neighborhood hobbyists couldn’t get any worse, along comes a new reason to worry about all those unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) taking over the skies.

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The TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment is just what you think it is: a friggin’ flamethrower attachment for a UAV. But unlike military combat drones, this sucker can be purchased and driven by any pyromaniac legally—so long as they’re willing to fork over the cash.

To be fair, the creators of the TF-19 WASP didn’t build it with sole the intention to threaten your neighborhood. Instead, it’s designed to function as a deterrent against pests, unwanted vegetation, and as a forest fire back-burn starter. To do this, the 3k carbon fiber payload uses an onboard plasma ignition system to shoot a stream of flame up to 25 feet in length.

tf-19 wasp flamethrower drone

Seeing as the WASP is designed to be compatible with most commercial drones with a payload capacity of 5lbs. or more, an onboard camera transmits a visual feed to your controller, letting you get a first-hand look at all the destruction you’re causing.

tf-19 wasp flamethrower drone
tf-19 wasp flamethrower drone

With its one-gallon fuel capacity, you can fire the flamethrower a good 1 minute and 40 seconds before needing to refuel. Once you do run out of gas, a sliding mechanism located at the base of the drone lets you pull out the gas tank and refuel before going back to wreaking havoc.

More details on this aerial drone of fiery death can be found over at Throwflame—as well as a chance to order one for yourself. Getting rid of that pesky wasp nest was never this much fun.


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