Ever since it was announced last year, most people have been skeptical about the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s new folding smartphone/ tablet hybrid.


And why shouldn’t they be? When your smartphone’s main feature is to near-seamlessly fold out into a tablet with no apparent split in the screen, you begin to wonder just how long the technology can hold until it quite literally, well, snaps. It’s this specific concern that Samsung wanted to address in its latest promotional video for the smartphone.

Rather than the typical hardware launch video consisting of many design process b-roll shots and interviews with developers and engineers, the company’s marketing team instead whiteboarded up an entirely different kind of concept altogether.

YouTube video

For this video, the team affixed a handful of Samsung Galaxy Folds onto several folding machines and did a week-long folding test to show the phone can stand just as much punishment from a robot as a human’s tendency to fidget with anything they get their hands on. The test was made to see whether the Galaxy Fold could outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds, which roughly translates to five years of human use. Provided the average person opens and closes the phone at least a hundred times in a single day, the phone’s screen should work just as long as the operating system does.

samsung galaxy fold

Made from bonded layers of innovative polymer material, the phone’s 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display is engineered to be 50% thinner than other Galaxy displays. According to the company, the display is flexible yet durable enough to maintain its stunning view through many folds and unfolds.

While it doesn’t solve the age-old problem phones have of operating more sluggishly as time goes on, at the very least Samsung can say their foldable screens still work like a charm half a decade from now. For those looking to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Fold at launch, they’ll be out this coming April 26, 2019. Find out more over at Samsung.


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