The Sugr Cube portable WiFi Speaker from Sugr can be a classic case for the scenario where a product becomes an extension of one’s reality. Devoid of inanimate and mechanical switches and dials, this portable speaker lets you interact with it in a very humanized way: it understands your touch, strokes and gentle nudges to let you experience and share your music in novel ways.

Packaged in a minimalist wood body, the portable speaker responds to touch and tilt gestures that allow a listener to control their listening experience through a series of buttonless interactions.

Connected via WiFi, the Sugr Cube also lets users share their favorite track to friends in their facebook network just by touching and holding it in a specific location. One can also remotely listen to the same songs or playlist with their friends by sharing them with other Sugr Cubes.


As for music selection, the Sugr Cube can play music streamed from Android and iOS devices and also online services including iTunes Radio, Pandora, BBC radio and Douban FM. It can also store songs for untethered playback for those beach trips when WiFi might not be available.


By means of connectivity to mobile devices, the Bluetooth speaker also doubles as a wake up alarm. Similar to existing alarm clock radios, it can both wake you up and put you to sleep with a preset timer. For users needing a little extra ZZZs in the morning, a simple flip of the Sugr Cube puts it in Snooze mode.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 5.37.08 PM

The speaker has been designed to provide high quality sound output by means of incorporating features such Hi-Fi vent tube. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for seven hours of music playback. The gloss wood body has a nice tactile feel which certainly adds to the user experience; it is available in two distinct finishes: American Cherry and White Maple Veneer.


‘Sugr Cube’ will be available in July 2015.