While Ready-to-Assemble or “flat pack” product designs have been in existence for over a half-century, the majority of these designs – more often than not from IKEA – have existed in some form or another as a piece of simplified furniture. With the more recent introduction of low-cost DIY electronics and methods of digital fabrication, however, some of today’s forward-thinking product designers are using that same strategy to keep production costs down while adding another layer of interaction to their consumer electronic products.

More recently, Italian designers Lorenzo Appiani and Ludovica Vando of design studio Sinestesia harnessed their passion for designing multi-dimensional product experiences to create their latest product design, the Giacinto loudspeaker.

Billed as a Ready-to-Assemble speaker kit, the Giacinto aims to help today’s Bluetooth speaker-obsessed music listeners gain a better understanding of how speakers work as a way of helping them be more conscious and appreciative of their listening experience.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.42.40 PM

Included in each kit are two speaker forms made from recycled leather, a stereo amplifier (3W + 3W), two speaker units (4ohm- 5 W), connection cables, and fasteners – all of which were developed alongside a team of professional sound designers.


Says the designers:

“If you ever wondered how a stereo loudspeaker works, Giacinto is the answer to your nerdy question. We simplified the construction process into a few easy steps to make it understandable and accessible to everyone. Building Giacinto is fun, educational and stimulates you to listen to music in a more conscious way through a completely interactive experience.”

Find out more about the $50 (for early backers) Giacinto over at Kickstarter.


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