While some of us grew up with LEGOs and bandsaws to flex our inventor muscles, today’s kids are living a totally different world entirely — a world where creating Bluetooth-enabled hardware is nearly as easy as assembling a LEGO spaceship.

Available starting this week, the new littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition, is the ultimate app-enabled invention toolbox that incorporates a smart device’s camera, display, touch screen and gyroscope into 16 ready-to-build inventions out of the box—with the ability to use those parts as building blocks for many more.

Leveraging the company’s brand-new Bluetooth Low Energy Bit, young inventors can now create smart products—arcade games, spinning cars, remote cameras and even a bubble-blowing robot—all on a rainy Saturday afternoon, no sweat:

YouTube video

“Virtually every parent we speak to is worried about how much time their kids are spending on their screens,” said littleBits CEO and founder Ayah Bdeir. “We decided to infiltrate this passive, zoned out screen time to make it about invention and guilt-free play, problem-solving and creativity. Ultimately we want to coopt their screen time, give them a taste of the pride of inventing, and make that newfound creative confidence their new (healthy) addiction.”

Ain’t no arguing with that.

Find out more over at littleBits.


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