When I was younger, I believed in the all-healing capacity of the Band-Aid.

Small cut on the hand? Band-Aid. Large gash on the knee? Band-Aid. Swarmed by eels in the South Pacific. Band-Aid.

Took a while, but I finally realized that not every injury can be fixed by a simple piece of adhesive plastic. Thankfully, medical product companies like ZipLine Medical, Inc. are developing skin closures that help with more serious injuries.

Their ZipStitch product allows you to immediately address small to medium-sized lacerations when you can’t get to a hospital. Have a look:

YouTube video

Did you get that “Why didn’t I think of this” feeling, too? So simple and so effective. Two 1.5” adhesive hydrocolloid, pressure-sensitive strips, which last up to seven days on clean and dry skin, placed on either side of the open wound, with individual strips for the perfect amount of closure. Brilliant.


Once the strips are applied to the skin, you use the four polymer zip ties to adjust the skin closure around the wound. The ties don’t touch the wound itself, which prevents scarring while making sure there is ample blood flow to the damaged area. A bandage can be applied over the ZipStich to keep the ties from snagging on anything and allow the injury to heal.


Another cool feature is, unlike stitches that can be pulled and broken and wrap around the wound, the ZipStich acts as more of a scaffold above the wound. This prevents movement across the damaged area, prevents bacteria from being introduced below the skin/wound, and allows the healing process to progress. Not to mention, it’s just easier to apply that threading nylon through your skin.

The materials used for the ZipStich is eight times stronger than traditional threaded stitches, which is why it’s been used in hospitals for operations ranging from simple cuts and lacerations, all the way to knee replacement surgeries. Whether you’ve sliced your finger at home or opened your adomen in the great outdoors, it’s important to know how to treat the wound and when to use these, so be sure to check out their guide on treating a would with ZipStitch:

YouTube video

It’s certainly on my first aid kit list and some of us at SolidSmack already have it in a kit. You can purchase it on Amazon find more on this revolutionary bandage on the ZipStitch webpage. There you’ll find out when to apply the ZipStitch, proper application procedures, and testimonials from folks who may or may have had a run-in with some misfortune.

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