We all know that using rubber (condoms) can prevent babies from coming into this world, but have you considered it (rubber band) saving a baby’s life? When the Global Polymer Institute at the University of Akron held their The Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, young fledglings came up with many ingenious ideas, but it was The EZ Baby Saver that stole the show.


Fifth grader Andrew Pelham designed the EZ Baby Saver as a contraption to keep children from being left in hot cars. Yes, its summers and we have already lost a baby or two to such mishaps; it may not be intentional but parents can get forgetful given the high stress levels and lack of sleep. Constructed mainly from rubber bands – as this was the main condition of the competition – the EZ Baby Saver is a bright neon strap that stops parents from getting out of the car and serves as a reminder to check the back seat.

Andrew walks us through the process of making the strap and says that a video tutorial is coming up soon. This little tyke is generous enough to share all the details, as it’s important for him to save lives than just take credit for something as ingenious as this.

When Andrew did some research he found out that a child could die in less than 15 minutes, if left in a hot car. As the oldest of four siblings, he claims to have a lot of experience in strapping kids in cars. He has used simple materials like the thickest, best rubber bands you can find and neon duct tape. As he explains, “You’re basically making a string of rubber bands and covering it with a tube of duct tape.” Kudos kid, you’re on your way to super stardom and a bright future.

You can get the full instructions here.