As we become increasingly tied to our digital devices., the longing and joy for analog experiences continues to inspire a realm of new digital products that aim to capture the best of both worlds—products like the reMarkable e-ink tablet.

The Yashica Y35 is the latest to enter this realm—with the goal of capturing the joy and meaning of analog photography but eliminating the time and expense of film development. Built upon their proprietary “digiFilm” system, the camera requires a brief pause to wind the film before shooting—essentially capturing the analog experience of having the time to think about framing our next shot. But the crossover experience doesn’t just stop there.

Each of the digiFilm cartridges represents a different shooting style—such as high ISO or black and white. So instead of easily swapping between camera filters in Instagram, users are required to commit to a particular shooting style ahead of their ‘adventure’.

“We develop different ‘digiFilm’ with its unique style and distinct effect,” explains the company. “Designed for high-quality images of different style such as ISO 1600 High Speed, ISO 400 Black & White, 120 formats of 6×6 images and ISO 200 Ultra Fine. Additional digiFilms are coming to give photographers more opportunities to experiment and create beautiful images in different styles.”

For those looking to recapture that analog spirit without sacrificing the convenience of digital editing and archiving, it looks like the $142 camera (for a limited time on Kickstarter) might be worth considering.

Find out more on Kickstarter.


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