Its automatic, its retractable and it deploys like the real thing – crazy X-Men fan Colin Furze has given us a taste of the first ever fully automatic wolverine claws and I am green with envy! So green, that I could literally rip out the contraption and slap it on my arms and go scaring the pants off Hugh Jackman.

YouTube video

I won’t go into the details of the makings on print, because our handy man has thought of it well in advance, as he walks us through his DIY process in the video above. Basically, when you were in your garage working on your next toolbox, Furze was busy refining his adamantium (actually 2mm stainless steel) claws. The short of it is that the British inventor has combined a backpack with compressed air cannons to the set of claws. This allows him to retract and deploy the steel talons with the help of a trigger concealed in the palm of his hands.

YouTube video

This second short teaser video shows us the potential of this incredibly dangerous hobby idea. So much so that I recommend we have a disclaimer stating “Do not try this at home”, only the insane Furze-man has the dibs on it. According to Furze, the biggest challenge of this project has been to overcome the retraction part. So far people have been able to ace the deployment of claws, but springing them back into position has always been a manually done thing.


After toying with several ideas that included using washing line cables, an air ram and motor on a toothed track, Furze has finally settled for the air tank and valves system. It does have its flipside like bulk and weight, but it gets the job done. Apparently, the most complicated part was routing the hand end internal air passages, but a solution was soon hit upon.

At the end of it, we have a super crazy X-Men themed project and going by Furze’s word, we can expect some crazy-awesomeness in the future. Looking forward to it.