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When you don’t have enough wireless waves penetrating the thin membrane of your brain cage, you can always insure there’s new technology to boost the bands at the local crowdfunding sites. We’ve got a double dose for you this week with nifty gadgets to give you an edge on hardware development and update that hideous chuck of WiFi-providing plastic that we are ever so thankful connects you with this blog.


Do you remember seeing, buying or hearing about the Almond touchscreen router? It was the first of its kind–a router with a touchscreen interface, and a pretty one at that. With my router always tucked away, out of sight, I never gave it much thought. Not until I saw the Almond+ from Securifi. I still don’t need the touchscreen, but a dual band wireless router at $99 that doubles as a smarthome hub, makes me want that touchscreen. There’s plenty of time to get on the Almond+ project that has already blown past its $250,000 goal. Early bird specials are gone, but you can still pick one up for the $99.


Pinoccio is a completely open-source hardware and software platform. Now, you may be thinking, “Doesn’t that already exist? Isn’t it called an Arduino?” Yes, you are correct, but this my friend, is like a super-duper-mega Arduino… in a pocket-size package, plus it comes with way more features to be able to extend and interact with it. Perhaps the coolest feature is the optional Wi-fi shield that instantly connects your board to the web. Tons of possibilities and if you watch the video, you’ll see they even throw a little 3D printing love into the mix. Fully funded but very little time left, so jump on board at the Pinoccio Indiegogo project.



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