Ever wonder what a LEGO garden would look like? TogetherFarm founders Matt Stormont, Joe Aakre, and Doug Holcomb have set out to recreate what it means to have a backyard garden through the use of LEGO-inspired bio-plastic building blocks. With a retaining wall design that requires few materials to haul and eliminates the need for tools, fasteners, and time, is this the perfect gardening solution for inner-city gardeners, children, and the elderly?

TogetherFarm Garden Blocks

“The blocks don’t require measuring or cutting and you can haul them in the back of your Mini Cooper if you want. It’s almost as easy as ‘just add water’.”
-Doug Holcomb, co-founder

Perhaps it comes with little surprise that company founders Matt, Joe, and Doug all met in an MBA program in backyard garden-paradise Portland, OR. While attending Concordia University together, the trio hatched their idea over their mutual love for gardening. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the team has already raised over $16,000 of their $75,000 goal in only a few days. Manufactured with recycled plastic, the blocks have 3/8-inch vertical holes incorporated into the design to allow anchoring solutions (such as deck screws), a trellis, or a greenhouse cover.




In what sounds like a sub-plot out of a Portlandia episode, not only are the blocks designed in Portland, Oregon, but they are also manufactured less than 15 minutes away in neighboring Vancouver, Washington. Despite the warm fuzzy feeling of keeping their vendors close for sustainability purposes, the team also stresses that this factor has also allowed them to make more intelligent design decisions, select the right materials, and keep manufacturing costs down and quality high.







To find out more, head over to their Kickstarter page.


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