Although humans have been throwing disc-shaped objects for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1930s when a couple was offered 25 cents for a cake pan they were throwing back and forth did the idea for the modern frisbee start to take shape.

Today, the flexible polypropylene plastic disc is one of the most accessible and favorited outdoor activities—with many businesses even handing branded versions out as promotional material alongside ballpoint pens and mousepads. But like many other classic designs to receive modern updates in recent years, the simple plastic throwable disc is undergoing a design revolution of its own.

Wham-O, the California toy company who bought the rights to produce the official Frisbee in 1957, launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the production of their Wham-O Frisbee Sonic—a radical new square design inspired by aviary flight that they tout as being “a whole new experience.”

Designed to take advantage of aerodynamic pockets that make catching the Frisbee easier, the updated form is also capable of self-correcting when thrown at a slight angle. From a more ergonomic standpoint, the alternating shape of the new design also allows for more variations in throwing to avoid wrist strain. And with only three points of contact that touch the ground, you can be sure that the reinterpretation will remain free of scuffs and chipped plastic for all those days in the park. Finally—Fido will appreciate the raised surfaces rather than scrapping a flat piece of plastic all of the ground with his snout.

Frisbee Sonic

“The Frisbee Sonic is built from a cube,” explains the company. “The design is the intersection between a sphere and a cube. Not only does the Sonic appear cubic in flight, but six completely flat surfaces form the overall shape – it is not an optical illusion.”

Frisbee Sonic

With five days left to go in their Kickstarter campaign, Wham-O has already raised over $6,000 of their original of $5,000. For those that want to be among the first to experience this all-new square Frisbee, pledges start at just $9. Find out more over on Kickstarter.


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