wearable motorcycleIf you keep an eye out for motorcycles you can wear, you may have seen this one zipping face down across the pavement of the internet.

I know it’s not as practical (less dangerous?) as the two wheel versions we see everyday weaving in and out of traffic, but if you want to go from 0-60 in 3 seconds laying prostrate 10 inches off the ground, this three-wheeled electric motorcycle and video are just for you.

Jake Loniak from the Art Centre Pasadena is the the inventor/designer of the Deus Ex Machina. The vehicular exoskeloton uses 36 pneumatic muscles connected to seven artificial vertebrae and an integrated helmet, powered by ultra-capacitors and nano-phoshpate batteries.

Sure, your head will stay with the bike in an accident, but man will you look slick that 5 seconds beforehand. Watch out for that bunny.

loniak motorcycle photos


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